Monday, April 20, 2009


I sit and I wonder I sit and I think I sit and listen Did you hear the thunder? My soul on the brink The rain makes the world glisten I hear what is being said I hear what isn't being told I hear words unspoken The feelings of the lover's dread The promise I made I will uphold True love remains unbroken Look deeper in your eyes I see the soul looking back at me Feel the strings of my heart being pulled Looking away, can't let you see that my heart cries Searching for the good memory Knowing to well neither can be fooled Through all the happy times Through all the painful moments Through all the sands of life There are lover's unspoken crimes Wading slowly with life's torments Loving even in the afterlife To take and fill in the pain Give more joyful tears Loving touches soft and tender No uncertainty on this train Brush away the needless fears As I sit reading love notes of the great pretender

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