Wednesday, April 21, 2010


this isn't what i had wanted i didn't see the outcome before it was too late. now i sit and watch fate take it's place this isn't how it should have happened you without me it's an abomination is there no redemption? no salvation? i'm begging screaming on bended knees all that remains of us of you of me is memories. A hallow emptiness fills loves place close my eyes to see your face wrap my arms to feel your touch

Monday, January 18, 2010


The heart beats on as the tears fall down A lonely shadow on the ground A step toward the sun, fall into the moon A love gone way to soon Twisted lies and shattered hearts A mistake that caused us to part Lost in the middle caught in a draft Shards of my heart left in the aftermath A quick get away a new life already started The soul not cold for a dearly departed Cherished and adored so quick to fade away A heart not meant to capture ready not ready to stay Lost in the past no looking back A love I tried to give, one I let slack Lost in the heart buried in the tears My nightmares come true, all the fears