Friday, April 10, 2009

Was collecting dust...

This is an older poem that I've had sitting around, thought maybe I would share with you. Enjoy...
How many times can a heart be brokenHow many tears can a person cry?
Before we realize the heart isn't a cheap token
Before we realize it is less painful to die How can you love somebody so much
Even though they cause so much heartbreak
But you can't live with out their touch
you give and give and they take and take How often will you doubt who you are?
Thinking, is it about me?
Knowing true deep love will carry you far
asking yourself, will they really ever see? When all the laughter dies.
We'll see nothingness and realize.
But does it matter then when all the laughter dies?
When all that's left are lies,
there'll be nothing left to realize..
when all that's left are lies.

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