Friday, April 10, 2009

Devotion...The Long Haul downs topsy turvys never knowing what is going to happen.
Once in a lifetime you come across a love that you only read about.
I have that love of a lifetime. I was not looking for it, I prayed for a lover who would love me completely, undconditionally with out restrictions..and my prayer was answered.
After talking to a friend about being tired of being hurt and played, I was introduced to a man whose first words were "I hear you have a broken heart". Playfully I responded "Yes I do, can you help me heal?" and when he looked at me and said "darlin you came to the right place", my heart melted. We talked and talked and found we had a lot in common.
He looks into my eyes, his finger traces my eyebrow and trails down the side of my face and leans in and gives me the sweetest most passionate kiss I have ever felt in my life. I knew then I was hooked.
It has been almost 6 months...I won't lie and say it has been smooth sailing, because it hasn't, but every bump tossed infront of us we over came and it only brought us closer. We realized early on, we had to stop fighting each other while others fought to keep us apart...we needed to stand back to back and fight together against the rest. This has made all the difference in our world.
It is amazing when you find the person who no matter how far or how close they are, you always feel them.
He has opened my eyes and heart. Taken a shattered soul and spirit and mended them back better than before. He nutures my mind and my heart. He is my only desire..
Baby, I know you will read this one day and I wanted you to know that you are my world. You words stay with me every day as I walk through life. You remind me of the person I am. The little things you say and do are more powerful than any thing else. There is so much your love has done for me and I am forever thankful for that.
You have taught me about myself, the person who I had left behind and forgotten but you brought her back and when you did she came back stronger and more vibrant than ever. You opened her eyes to the Secret...showed her love, real love.
I promise you love, through all of our life...I will love you and I will always be yours.
Yours forever and a day..for the long haul, never wavering..yours xoxo

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