Sunday, June 7, 2009

Somebody turn off the damn heat!

She walks into the room a smile on her face, the wind is blowing a nice cool breeze. She sways her hips walks with her head up. Smiling at the children as she passes them in play. She turns the corner.. OMFG.. who turned on the heat? She is dizzy, sweating.. feels like she is on fire.. her palms are clammy, her eyes unfocused.. she sits.. doesnt matter where.. the nearest sturdy place.. ah yes the floor.. solid, unmoving.. lean against the wall and slide to the floor.. Dear Lord, these have to pass.. yes sweating in summer is normal.. when it is hot.. but to sweat just to sweat? Give me the cold showers, the fan in the winter, keep me cool don't let me lose my cool. Give me my evening primrose and vitamin E's.. just stop turning up the damn heat!
They say men are the cause to our problems because everything major happening to us has the word man or his in it..
MENtal illness MENstrual cramps MENtal breakdown MENopause GUYnecologist
and when its a REAL problem...
but I recently heard a man tell a friend.. you know they named it right MEN O PAUSE, cause when those hot flashes start.. that is exactly what we do.. We don't go near them till it's over.. we pause.. Men O Pause is the right name.. I laughed.. I thought.. pause hell, just stop in your tracks turn around and walk away, if you value your life.
So I say again.. I can take the yelling kids, I can take the mood swings, just give me the cool showers, give me the pills, give me a day with out turning from sweet to bitch in less than 3 seconds.. just turn down the damn heat!

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