Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New meaning to spicing up your sex life

Wanted to post a previous blog from an old account onto the new site.. Enjoy OK, so you're walking down a main street in your city..it's a bit busy today but you can't help but to over hear a conversation that just makes you laugh so hard..It goes something like this... Girl one: "I just don't know..the sex seems so boring lately" Girl two: "Have you tried spicing it up?" Girl one: "No he wont use food during sex" In my head "OMFG is she serious..laughing my ass off!!!!" I really believe this is not what the first girl meant..but then I started to think...hmm what spices would you use to "spice" up your sex life? So i started investigating other things on the web..not those magazines who say they talked to 100 men and this is what they want..pfft whatever..if more men really wanted that...then more women would be happy with the way they look and wouldn't try so hard to please a man..such a load of crap really.. but ok..here we go.. Cinnamon given to a man is suppose to make his sperm taste sweet...supposedly making us girls want to give oral more often..have not tried this because I am single in RL and wont do this on a random guy..but supposedly he has to eat cinnamon a few times during the week before this takes effect... Nutmeg is suppose to boost the male libido, according to research at Aligarh University in India..so if he lacks sexual desire...feed him some nutmeg..maybe a glass of eggnog sprinkled with nutmeg 5 times a week..i don't get it either...but it's gotta be cheaper than the little blue pill eh? Or if he likes curry..it's an ingredient in curry so cook up a nice dinner laced with nutmeg and enjoy the effect. If ya search google for sex and spices you get some very odd topics..so I suggest you to read em and see if any strike your fancy..who knows..maybe there is an ingredient out that that will make him a God at making love and maybe...just maybe...you won't have to fake it the next time around..

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