Monday, June 22, 2009

Fears, phobias and the humor of it looking from the out side in

Okay okay, in my old blog I had posted a blog that joked about fears and over coming them. I will copy that post here.. but I have to say this.. I am terrified of centipedes, they are unnatural and gross and freak me out! I am very serious here.. there is no way in the world that I can ever have sex with those things around me.. OMG eeww eeww.. I bring this up because the other night I was sitting outside talking to a neighbor and one crossed over my foot and I screamed and told her it was time for me to go in the house.. I HATE THOSE THINGS! Here is the post:: Ok so I was watching an episode of Monk ( and if you know anything about know he has tons of fears. So I got to thinking, how would I over come one of my biggest fears? I figure I would do something I absolutely love doing while doing something I fear. Lose you yet? Ok check this out.... My biggest fear..heights. I am scared to death of heights. I see it on TV when they do the shot off the side of the building my knees get weak. I see a shot out the side of an airplane I get sick to my stomach. I am that afraid of heights...But what do I love doing more than being afraid of heights? Why sex of course. I love sex especially when the man is good at it. Oh yes ladies, we all know men like that..the kind who rocked your world and every time you think of him you get all flabergasted and could cream jus thinking about it.(YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) So I figure it like this maybe I can talk the owners of the tallest building in my city into letting me go up on the roof top and have sex, I would be able to conquer my fear of heights and have an orgasm..and who knows maybe the best sex in my life!!!! So I tell a few people my plans and I get questions..what if you have a fear of spiders and snakes? I don't see having sex in a snake pit of spider web..what you do is get a glass box big enough for 2 with snakes and spiders crawling on the outside of the are perfectly safe from them.. Yes incase you can't tell..if you really enjoy sex and it is done right, it may help you cure your fears. Or I just wanted a reason to write about things and include sex in it. My friend asked what about if you fear clowns? You have sex with a clown? No way...having sex with a clown is just creepy and besides..they taste funny if you give them oral and kissing them is just odd.. they wear more lipstick than you do. Then you get their make up all over your face then you go down to give them oral and you pull back and their multicolored and then you start laughing and ruin the whole thing...No to cure your fear of clowns you dont have sex with have sex around them...have clown sheets, clown pictures I wouldnt have a real clown around though...that is creepy too. If you are afraid of it and really put some thought into it, you can probably have sex to cure it.

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