Monday, November 2, 2009


Hours feel like days, the memories fill my mind. My heart laying before me in a million pieces as my tears fall down upon the papers that I started writing on. All the words are blurred all the i's dotted with tears. I miss my love myheart my all and I can only sit and wonder why I lost the one I truly belong to. What have I done, where do I go? A love so strong and pure and true and real is gone. I have once again failed at being the one. I hold true to dreams that one day she will return to me. Tell me she loves me that I am hers and she is mine. I sit and think about all the plans we made for when it is our time and I cry, I sit and think about all we have gone through and I cry, I can't stop, I have tried. Her love is forever embedded on my soul. I feel her, I breathe her, I love her. Wishing As I look out at the majestic sky As tears fall from eyes I know you and I were meant to be I only wish I could make you see How much your love means to me I wish I could walk up to you And speak the words lovers do But now I sit here sad and blue Wishing that I could be with you

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