Monday, November 2, 2009

I..wish, want, dream List

Normally I never state what it is I want or would like to have. I normally make sure that the kids get all they want. This year, I have decided to make a dream list for a few reasons. 1. Lost weight, need sexier clothes (yay me!) 2. It is time that I do for myself as well as for my children 3. It is my year So that being said.. this blog will be filled with things I want, not necessarily need, just want. If I can I will attach photos of things. First off since I lost 35 lbs I want new clothes and yes, I have found some to start me off with the sexy feelings I am aiming for. They are froma store called Torrid, it deals in clothes for the bigger women in life. I may have lost 35 lbs but I am far from the super model type as far as body goes. this is an halter/belt New Addition to list::: Not sure what it is lately but I am loving these types of dresses!

again, who wouldnt feel sexy? I like these tops That is all on the clothing front.. for now :-)

I really want to move into a new state, anywhere but Ohio! Warmer would be nice. Any ideas?

Because I love cooking and my knives are pretty flimsy.. i want the Ronco knive set Because I love to read I want my bookshelf to have the following books: Dan Brown ~ Lost Symbol P. C. Cast ~ Tempted; Hunted; Untamed; Chosen; Betrayed and Marked Kelley Armstrong ~ Frostbitten; Summoning; Living with the dead; No Humans Involved; Haunted; Industrial Magic and Dime Store Magic This desk is very practical for me. I like being orgainized and at 100 bucks it isnt a bad price either. A nice soft comfortable rocking chair. As my list grows and my wants come to me I will add more or take away as I get them. Let's see how much I can accomplish :-)

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