Wednesday, October 14, 2009


by fear, every now and then, I feel it start in the pit of my stomach by fear, as it slowly moves upward, I lose a breath here and there by fear, as my heart begins to slow its beating, as if being strangled by fear, of words that just come out wrong or at the wrong time and my sensitive self goes right into fear of unknown. by love, your touch begins to sooth the trembling in my stomach by love, your touch begins to calm me and I can breathe again by love, your touch begins to soothe my soul and my heart beats steady once more by love, of words you speak to me in such a way that all my scares and fears melt away by love, your love, the love that has cared and cherished me this past year by love, your love, you always seem to know when to rub my heart a little more. There is no denying that what we have we never expected. What do we do? Where do we go? How can we make this easy, can it be easy? How can I live a day with out hearing from you. I am so spoiled. I've spent one night too many away from you, it scares me to think I have to again. I am sorry I am not that strong, I am sorry I didnt run from this. Instead I held on and I embraced it, your love, our life.. and what a wonderful joyous life we have with so much love and respect for each other. I love you, FAAD darlin, never wavering, never straying, only growing stronger and deeper for nobody but YOU. Yours xoxo

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