Thursday, October 22, 2009

My dearest love

Sometimes I cry when I am happy I laugh when I am scared I'm quiet when I am at peace or go crazy when nothing is wrong Sometimes I am extra sappy I come forward with emotions bared I sigh with a happy release Knowing all was right all along I know I drive you crazy At times you want to scream I'm as gentle as can be Loving you as you love me Never let my love seem hazey You are my perfect dream Just say you will forever love me Knowing this will pass, you'll see I have my moments when things Overwhelm and consume my mind Sometimes only I can understand Sometimes only I can make it stop I can never be a puppet on strings Or walk around being blind even as the waves hit the sand Forever know my love for you i'll never swap Just bare with me and believe in me Knowing the moments never mean my love for you has changed or faded It's a lot stronger today than the day before Smile at me and hold my hand, you'll see this feeling won't last long and all will be supreme I never want you to feel lost or jaded I will forever love you each day more and more. I am your baby girl you are my papa bear we stay side by side hand in hand Facing the world this love isnt to share Yes I know I have my stubborn pride But I will never stop loving my husband. Baby, forgive my foolish self. I know I drive you crazy and for the first time since forever, you admitted that I fustrate the hell out of you and when you said it out loud... I had to stop and not say anything because, I thought "oh god, It's gone to far" and it scared me to think what that meant so I didnt try to think on it. I know I have really high emotions as it is and sometimes they are a lot higher. Sometimes when I say I am okay, and I may not really be but I know in my heart it is only my emotions getting the better of me and I dont need for you to feel bad or get upset over it, and i know i just need a few minutes and maybe a little holding and cuddling to get over it. I love you and I never want you to feel bad for having a life or being busy or or or... we dont do that, we never have. Just need for you to trust me when I say I am okay because if it was something really upsetting me we would talk, but if it is just my hormones then I dont want to worry you over it. I am so very sorry love. I dont want you to feel like you hve to walk on eggshells with me. It really isn't like that. I love you baby, my sweet sweet papa bear. Sleep well knowing I am holding you all night close to me feeling your love and your kisses on my skin. I am now and forever, your baby girl loving you loving me FAAD NMW yours xoxo

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