Friday, September 25, 2009

A promise and A Kiss

When I close my eyes at night Softly whispering into the air Even though you are out of my sight Take a breath and know I am there There is no distance to far for me My love is strong and true No ocean to wide and neither the sea Can keep me from loving you My heart is yours I promise this My love will never fade or end My promise to you sealed with a kiss For not only my lover but my best friend My darlin heart, There are many time when through out my day you are on my mind and in my thoughts. As I walk down the street or do my shopping, I always wonder how we would be together in public. I dream of you holding my hand and kissing me every chance you get. I think about laying with you at night and being the last thing I see, then to wake in the morning and see your gorgeous face. I dream of the day when it will never end, when I am with you and never have to leave. We have a great love story building, one for the books to be sure. I've never loved so hard and strong as I love you my darling. You are not only my lover, my husband my companion, but my best friend, my other. You are the half that makes me whole the one I belong to, I can not fathom not having you some how or some way in my life every day. Please I ask this of you now, stay mine, stay forever, keep me always and know that my love for you will always be, for you only. Love your baby girl your devoted wife Me

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