Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Road Ahead

I walk a lonesome path, if anybody was to follow. I live a lonesome life, if anybody was to look. I'm a lonesome person, if anybody wanted to know. I have love in my heart that I allow. When the words were softly spoken, my world shook. What you see isn't always what it is, to you it may not always show. The followers, the lookers, the nosey people around. They would all be wrong as I sit with this smile on my face. Yes, beneath me one pair of footprints on the ground. I'm never really alone in any place. My thoughts are always shared, my love always given back. My heart full of song, my mind is at ease. I don't need you to give me your slack. My baby loves me and for you that is just a tease. Let them follow, let them look, let them pry inside of me. When their mouth drops open and their mind starts turning. It will be only then that I really let them see. For lonesome I am not, there is a future I am yearning. I am never alone, I have love inside. I am never alone, I have a hand to hold. Side by side and hand in hand. We walk a path unknown to you but with heads held up with all our pride. Together to the future, so bright, so full of hope and oh so bold. Don't give me your pitty or try to advise. Trust, that when I speak of this in my life. There are no moments when you hear sad cries. For I am taken, I am SOMEbody's wife. The road ahead unknown and unpaved. The road behind full of bumps and turns. Our love is strong it shall never fade. Walk your own path, and may your too learn.
What being loved is really about.
When you do, then you shall see.
What this life of love means to me.

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